Meshed up! Gradients

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Mesh Gradients

Meshed up! you can easily copy-paste SVG mesh gradients within your HTML project or even paste them on Figma, Sketch and so on! from the website.

This file includes the original assets using the Multi-Vector Color Fill feature from figma, which you don't get by copy-pasting.

What you get:

- 6 Multicolor mesh gradients
- 6 Blue mesh gradients
- 6 Purple mesh gradients
- 6 Pink mesh gradients
- 6 Red mesh gradients
- 6 Orange mesh gradients
- 6 Yellow mesh gradients
- 6 Green mesh gradients

You can import this file on Figma & Sketch.

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Meshed up!

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  • Mesh Gradients from
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Meshed up! Gradients

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